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Ralph & Tiggy

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Coming In 2023



Ralph & Tiggy is an educational children’s book series based on Nicole Denny Williams’ "Five Practices for True Human Happiness." The books follow the everyday lives of little brother Ralph and his big sister Tiggy, as they share with the reader each of the things that bring them the most joy. Two of the books are written from Ralph’s perspective (Live Green, Live Love), and two are written from Tiggy’s perspective (Live True, Live Woo). Life’s A Song, the double-length and only rhyming book in the series, is a sing-along with several characters.

The goal of these books is to introduce school-aged children to densely conceptual material in a fun, lighthearted and relatable way. They are meant to create a dialogue between parent and child, in which both reflect about their place in the world and how they spend their days. They aim to teach at every stage and every age that by nurturing each “practice area" of our lives, genuine happiness is well within reach! Each book ends with the phrase, “When I [do these things], I am happy.”

Live Green! explores the importance of connecting with the natural world in our everyday lives, love of animals, and being a good steward for the environment.

Live True! honors discovering our natural gifts, heeding the calling of our life’s work and mission, and contributing to making the world a better place.

Live Love! embraces self-acceptance and self-love, choosing positive relationships, creating healthy boundaries, and practicing forgiveness, kindness, and compassion for others.

Live Woo! celebrates self-care through healthy diet and physical exercise, rest and rejuvenation, natural healing, yoga and meditation, spiritual connectedness, and positive vibes.

Life’s A Song! sings the praises of music and sound, playing instruments, singing and dancing, and demonstrates the power we hold with our voice in every moment to change our lives and the world around us for the better. 

About The Series


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Nicole Denny Williams is an author and illustrator based outside of Denver, Colorado. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography & Human Environmental Studies with a minor in Holistic Health, and has been licensed as a Professional Massage Therapist in California, Washington, Hawaii and Colorado. She is an advocate for natural parenting and has a lifelong passion for holistic/traditional medicine, singing, songwriting, and traveling the world.



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